A Look Back At My 2010


Sometimes I wonder what would happen if we didn’t get a chance to change to a new year every 52 weeks. Without that fresh set of downs would we operate in the same manner. I guess that’s why most of us like the change of seasons. We all look forward to something new and different as long as we are somewhat in control of the different part.

Hopefully for you 2010 was a good one. I know for many 2010 brought with it some challenges. I was fortunate to be one of the lucky ones who found 2010 to be a good year. For me it was sort of a turning point as I experienced some new opportunities as well as improved my abilities.

Probably the biggest change for me in 2010 was getting serious about video. Prior to obtaining a DSLR that could also shoot HD video my experience was limited to shooting video on cheap camcorders mostly as an alpine ski racing coach. Back then the quality of the video was less than exciting and the effort to process extremely time consuming so I never really felt the urge to invest much time at it.

In 2005 I purchased a Sony DSC-H1 which shot 5 megapixel stills and did 640×480 video. The video was actually quite good and because it recorded the files to a memory stick it was much easier to process video shot on it. But it still wasn’t enough to keep me interested in video so I decided to focus solely on photography and invested in a DSLR in 2007.

I remember arriving one day at the ski hill for coaching duty with my new DSLR and the head coach asked if it did video. He was disappointed to find out it didn’t. He loved the video clips I was getting from my Sony and said video is where it’s at. I remember telling him it wasn’t possible with a DSLR camera because of it’s design. It’s funny to think about that now because today a DSLR that shoots video is not only possible it’s now a standard that defines DSLR cameras.

For me 2010 will be remembered as the year it all came together. Not only did I do a lot more photography at work, but I was also heavily into video editing creating video content for trade shows and websites. I started to see how video was an opportunity for me to tie together my experience as a musician and love for music with the visual side that had become a large part of my life.

Armed with a DSLR capable of capturing high quality HD video I found a new focus that required my skills as a photographer, my emotional connection to music and my ability to create something whole from a collection of pieces into a new direction. This is a direction that I was excited about. This is where I wanted to go. This was my future.

So 2010 was not only my epiphany it was also my opportunity to learn. And learn I did about videography, video editing, video codecs, video formats, bit rates, compression, motion graphics… the list goes on and on. I found myself in a constant state of knowledge acquisition for there was so much to learn about this new direction I was headed. But because I felt it all had a purpose it didn’t seem like work or a struggle even though at times it was.

At the end of each day I felt satisfied with what I had accomplished even on those days when what I accomplished was discovering how little I actually knew and how much further I had to go. But I also knew that progress is only possible when you acknowledge your failures. With a lot persistance and a little bit of faith I broke free of those ruts and and continued to charge forward.

So I am very much looking forward to what 2011 brings, but at the same time I will be a bit sad to see 2010 end. For me it was a great year of discovery. Here’s hoping 2011 brings more of the same.

To see some of what I have been up to video wise this past year check out my Vimeo channel. I have much to learn in regard to videography and putting it all together, but I am at least pleased with the progress made thus far.


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